Sometimes We Read

Mama confession.... I am not always good at reading to Jessamyn, I had all these plans before having a baby. I probably bought 100 books to read to her everyday... and the reality is that just hasn't happened like I expected. Because what they don't tell you when you are pregnant and buying everything in sight is that life still happens, times is still short, and things like reading 20 books a day often gets pushed to the side because of dinner and work, and just stuff. 

Apple Picking

Even though we couldn't actually "pick" any of the apples we did go walk around for a bit and Jessamyn really liked gathering up all the rotten ones off the ground. I know that she probably won't remember this experience but even still I hope she knows we tried and that even rotten apples can be beautiful. 

Mama & Tiny Style (C'est Ça New York)

There is a perception that little girls should wear pink and honestly I have tried to stray from that and dress Jessamyn pretty neutrally.. this skirt though is everything and seriously I can't get over how cute she looks swishing around in it. it comes in a bout a million colors but this neutral pink was too lovely to pass up!  I know she may hate me for these photos someday but there is something so lovely about matching and these skirts really held up to my expectations. If you have struggled with the idea of matching your toddler, or if you absolutely love it this brand is for you! Seriously I will probably wear this skirt long after hers no longer fits her... which is a day I don't want to be thinking about quite yet! 

Busdate #3

First of all we sold the house... okay well not so much sold yet but it is under contract, today is the objection deadline and as long as it appraises we will close in three weeks! What that means for the bus is that we are putting any further construction efforts on hold so that we can pay for the rest of the renovation in cash which will be just amazing and keep with our goal of being debt free at the end of all of this. 

Currently we are in the process of moving boxes to a storage unit and will be staying with my family for a month or so while we finish the bus! 

Packing.... and the Art of Having too Much Stuff!

So the bus is very much still a construction zone primarily because we are waiting until closing to continue working so that we can pay for all materials and labor with cash. Since staying out of debt is one of our goals with this it just makes sense to wait and do things right. So what that means for me is that I am sorting, list making, and down sizing with no firm idea of what the final space will look like and how much usable space I will actually have... so yes I am pretty stressed out! We did rent a small storage unit. We hesitated to do this because all the bus people we have talked to said it ended up being a nightmare and not worth it and that it is just better to get rid of and sell everything up front but we do have a few things we want to hold on to at least for now. 

There are Moments

There are moments when I look at her and think... I can do this, I got this. 

There are days where the water rises so high and so fast I know I in fact cannot do this and have no idea what I am doing. 

But then there is everything else, the moments in between when we stand together... knee deep in the mess that is life and I know in good or bad we will be okay, together. 

Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint (Guest Post)

I've been having a lot of fun using essential oils, you may have seen the post a while back on lavender that was so graciously guest blogged. Today we have another guest piece on oils by Morgan Somers who has provided some very useful tips on lemon, lavender, and peppermint some of my favorite oils!