Bus Tour: The Kitchen and Living Area!

So thats the bus! If you have any questions please leave them down below. We have several Q & A sessions coming to YOUtube so be sure to subscribe. If there is a product pictured that we didn't mention and you want to know where it came please ask! Also again this post was sponsored by IKEA but all thoughts were my own and we absolutely love everything we included from them in the bus. 

We are Expecting!!!!!!

And just like that we went from being a family of three to a family of four! it still kind of completely blows my mind a little. The one and only pregnancy test I took was in the bathroom at the gym, I had been feeling funny all week and figured it wouldn't hurt to check and oh my gosh... probably worst work out of my life after that I was in complete shock. Of course Ben was out with friends that night so I just text him a picture of the results lol not exactly a fun way to share the news but I wanted to let him know! 

Bus Tour: The Middle Area (bunk beds, toilet, etc.)

Ben built bunk beds that you can see in the above picture, they serve multiple purposes. First a bed for Jessamyn (that she actually hasn't slept in yet.. go figure), and secondly the top bunk serves as Jessamyn's closet and our overflow storage. The bottom bunk is covering the rear wheel and so there isn't much useable storage underneath it. If we end up staying in the bus long enough the top bunk will eventually have to go back to being a bunk for baby number 2 and we will have to revisit our storage options at that time. For now though it makes a great play room and we are working towards her actually sleeping in her own bed at night! 

Bus Tour: The Bedroom!

First and rather importantly because seriously who doesn't love a good nights sleep we have the bedroom. We didn't do anything fancy, just a queen size bed in the back of the bus. There is storage underneath the bed with basic lift up wooden planks that are honestly a pain to move now that the mattress is down but it is a great storage spot for items we want with us but may not use all the time. 

Lets Talk... 2017

My 2017 resolution is MORE, more love, more wandering, more letting go, more open arms.... and what I am realizing I need to do to achieve that is to stop weaving my quilt of judgement. Yes you heard me correctly as I was looking over the past year okay and really my entire life I realized that I am constantly gather threads, ribbons, string, any little tidbits of doubt, shame, hatred, fear, and dislike I can pull from the experiences in my day-to-day life.  This can come in the form of criticism, offhanded comments, fears I read into conversations, other peoples body language, my own self image, really anything. More and more I am realizing that isn't okay, that isn't healthy and its not doing me any good.

Bus Update #6

SO what do we have left? Actually a lot but not a lot if that makes sense... Ben has to run the propane like I mentioned above, we need to lay down the floors, paint the bunk beds, put up curtain rods, install the couch, install the wood burning stove and put up the fire tiles around the area where it is going, build doors for the bathroom and bed room, and install the floors. Other than that though we are really close and hoping to be done in the next week or two. Once that is all done we just have to register is as an RV and we will be good to go! 

A Christmas Gift Guide (For Everyone!)

So you should know I kind of obsess about finding the perfect Christmas gift every year... I like to give gifts that are unique and come from someplace awesome, ie. not just a department store. So I thought I would put together a little gift guide, some of these things I actually bought this Christmas as gifts, some are things I have and just think would make good gifts, but all our lovely. Oh and this guide is in no particular order meaning each gift could be for anyone! 

Likes, Instagram, and Self Worth

I'm sharing this here today because to many influencers I know are equating their worth in how their photos do... I want you to know you are enough, your photos are enough, the number of likes under your photo does not determine the beauty of that moment. Don't be afraid to share the beauty around you just because you think someone might not like it, don't be afraid to be real. I have made this mistake too many times, and I am done, because there is too much life to be had to worry about a silly little number next to a photo. 

Mama & Tiny Style (Conscious Clothing)

Mama and Tiny style post because I love supporting small shops and also what isn't fun about wearing cute clothes and wandering around lonely roads? Todays post is especially exciting because I have been eying this romper for months and am basically obsessed with the brand I have to share with you today! 

8 things I Have Learned From Building a Bus

Maybe its the fact that Ben's shift changed and I am now alone at night which has led to a lot of introspection, or that we put up the first real walls in the bus this week which has left me both excited and a bit emotional... either way I wanted to share some reflections and feelings as we enter month 6 of building this bus, our dream. 

Tiny Style (Little Cotton Wood)

A day late but I am trying! Today's Tiny Style post might be one of my favorite brands ever! Not only do they make amazing clothes but wooden toys as well. This guitar has filled our house with so much "music" and joy I can't even begin to tell you. I was a little scared at first that she would just pull all the strings off and it would be a five minute toy but so far it has held up impressively well to her strumming and loud singing! 

Busdate #5

Guys we are making real progress and actually more or less have a completion date for the bus!!! I can't even tell you how excited that make me... I was looking back and realized we started this project almost 6 months ago, you can see our first post HERE. So here is a little peek into everything we have done in the bus this month...