First Trimester Essentials

Okay so I am actually well into the second trimester but I wanted to share some of my first trimester essentials with you! I feel like there is a ton of resources and products out there for once you have officially "popped" and are getting ready to actually have your baby but not a lot of tips for getting through those early days where you are sick and bloated, your clothes fit funny but you aren't really showing and maybe haven't even announced your pregnancy yet. SO here are my essentials for those first weeks of pregnancy:

Tiny Style (Wilshire + Cooper)

Okay! So Wilshire + Cooper a website I had literally never heard of until a few weeks ago but pretty much the most amazing spot for creative name brand and designer kids apparel. Every single piece they sent us has been something Jessamyn has completely loved... yes most of it did have butterflies on it which helps since she loves those but even without that factor these items are cute, like we got stopped on the street by strangers and asked about her wardrobe cute. And I honestly love the fact that this clothing inspires her creativity and basically allows her to dress to her own unique personality! 

Living Softly (Peri Co)

Maybe fostering love looks like being gentle, slowly, repeatedly sharing a love for something. This is probably not that profound of a thought but I find it completely comforting to know that I don't have to force Jessamyn to love what I love. I don't have to take her into nature and say "you will like this or else." I can just gently and softly share life experiences with her and know that the memories we make, the continuity that comes from gently doing something together in nature... that is enough. 

Big Changes and Pursuing Our Dreams

I didn't think I would be writing this post... actually I hoped I would be writing pieces of it someday but could not have imagined within a few months of moving into the bus we would getting ready to make some more huge changes in our lives. I read a quote this week that to paraphrase basically said not to worry about the next adventure because you are already on one and I found that so applicable to where we are right now. I wasn't going to share any of this with you because there are so many unknowns still but was encouraged by a few friends that this is all a part of the process and something people might be interested in because process is life, and its where we are all at. 

Motherhood and Bus Life

The truth though is I think no matter where you mother, motherhood is hard, and in a bus, a house, an apartment... whenever motherhood is universally a language we are all still trying to learn.  Having only been a mother for two years I can't claim any level of expertise. I am not terribly patient, good at calming tantrums, or right now even remotely good at potty training. Living in a bus hasn't made these things any more or less real but it has taken the space we would normally have to live in and learn together and made it incredibly smaller and more personal. 

Crested Butte

Okay so this post is a bit late... quite a bit late but we went to Crested Butte for our four year anniversary in February and I wanted to share a bit with you. Nothin fancy just a few of the places we went and some thoughts on Crested Butte as a destination. One thing worth noting is that we did not actually ski which I know going to a mountain town in the middle of winter and not skiing is kind of crazy but I am pregnant and Jessamyn is still a bit too small for skiing so we just went and relaxed and enjoyed the snow. We actually went on our honey moon in Alaska and it was kind of romantic to go back to a mountain town for our anniversary. 

Pregnancy Tea (or what has basically saved this pregnancy for me!)

Okay so it is officially week 18 of my pregnancy and I wanted to share something I am completely obsessed with right now. If you have followed my blog for any length of time you might have noticed my deep love of tea and so it obviously made sense that there had to be amazing pregnancy tea out there right? Well yes, the answer is yes and I'm going to share a few of my favorites with you today all from Euphoric Herbals

One Month in the Bus

So we keep going, we keep moving forward, dreaming of warmer weather and new views. We definitely have faced a few challenges this month but all in all wouldn't change this experience for anything. Bus life is not always beautiful, not always easy, and definitely not glamorous... but it has its beautiful moments and someday when we look back on this I hope we will have a stockpile of beautiful memories and the satisfaction of knowing we tried, we lived this dream for what it was because really that is all you can do. 

First Trimester Recap

I feel like so far this pregnancy has gone by so much faster than my first. It might be that we have been so busy moving into the bus and just with all these major life changes but I also think I am just less stressed this time. With my first pregnancy I took a pregnancy test everyday for like a week and with this one I just took one and called it a day. I haven't felt the same sense of urgency to have everything perfect, haven't been shopping for baby clothes, and have really just been less focused on being pregnant that I was last time. 

Bus Tour: The Kitchen and Living Area!

So thats the bus! If you have any questions please leave them down below. We have several Q & A sessions coming to YOUtube so be sure to subscribe. If there is a product pictured that we didn't mention and you want to know where it came please ask! Also again this post was sponsored by IKEA but all thoughts were my own and we absolutely love everything we included from them in the bus. 

We are Expecting!!!!!!

And just like that we went from being a family of three to a family of four! it still kind of completely blows my mind a little. The one and only pregnancy test I took was in the bathroom at the gym, I had been feeling funny all week and figured it wouldn't hurt to check and oh my gosh... probably worst work out of my life after that I was in complete shock. Of course Ben was out with friends that night so I just text him a picture of the results lol not exactly a fun way to share the news but I wanted to let him know! 

Bus Tour: The Middle Area (bunk beds, toilet, etc.)

Ben built bunk beds that you can see in the above picture, they serve multiple purposes. First a bed for Jessamyn (that she actually hasn't slept in yet.. go figure), and secondly the top bunk serves as Jessamyn's closet and our overflow storage. The bottom bunk is covering the rear wheel and so there isn't much useable storage underneath it. If we end up staying in the bus long enough the top bunk will eventually have to go back to being a bunk for baby number 2 and we will have to revisit our storage options at that time. For now though it makes a great play room and we are working towards her actually sleeping in her own bed at night!