Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint (Guest Post)

I've been having a lot of fun using essential oils, you may have seen the post a while back on lavender that was so graciously guest blogged. Today we have another guest piece on oils by Morgan Somers who has provided some very useful tips on lemon, lavender, and peppermint some of my favorite oils! 


Mismatched Socks and Other Mama Things

I am learning to let go... of my ideas about perfect parenting. My plans for her to be the smartest, best.... my desires to have everything together, always ordered, organized. I am learning that these messy moments where everything isn't maybe how I would like it, someone has probably just had a melt down, or the house could be a little more organized... these moments are okay, they are enough. Jessamyn won't remember how perfectly organized her childhood was... she will remember love and that I was here with her through the easy moments and the hard ones. 

Mama & Tiny Style (Roolee Boutique)

My dress and the blue striped dress you may have seen on Instagram are both from Roolee Boutique. I actually discovered this shop though Instagram and am completely obsessed! This floral dress is so lovely and light weight... I feel like I should be twirling or going to tea and absolutely love it. Both dresses I have from Roolee Boutique are so beautiful and versatile I feel like I will be able to wear them both well into Fall and next Spring! Roolee Boutique is based out of Utah and prides itself in providing cute women's clothing... which they definitely do!

About the Bus

SO why a bus? 

This question isn't the easiest to answer because there is no cookie cutter way of explaining why a bus. For us the bus is a pathway to experiences, freedom from debt, and the ability to be close together as a family. The bus though unconventional allows us to downsize and live our life without worrying about a mortgage, without my husband driving 2 hours round trip to work everyday, without having to prioritize our weekends.... The bus for us is freedom and a chance at life. 


As we down size, sell our house, and prepare to move into the bus I have been thinking a lot about the meaning of "home". It is actually kind of funny because we moved into our current house to have more space for Jessamyn and as a family to grow. We were... okay I was adamant that the house had to have space for two kids, two dogs, and all our stuff. Now as we prepare to downsize to a bus that is at best 200 square feet it has really been shaking the foundation of what "home" means to me. 

Hiking With a Tiny

I would definitely not classify us as advanced hikers... more gentle wanderers. Hiking for us generally involves setting out on a trail and going as far as we can and then heading back home. I remember the first time we took Jessamyn hiking... it was actually on her first camping trip. We had a really rough, cold night... She was about six months old and basically just screamed the whole night long. That morning we got up and headed out on the trail. It was the first time the whole trip she didn't scream her head off... she actually giggled and enjoyed her self. 

Since then we try to go out at least once a week, obviously this doesn't always happen but when it does it is always magical. Jessamyn always has the best time, meeting all the dogs, taking in all the scenery. Ben and I always seem to have the deepest and best conversations and inevitably we stumble across something beautiful. 

BusDate #2

SO excited to finally have a second bus update for you! It may not look like much but we have in fact been making a lot of progress! First and foremost last weekend we got the subfloor down... this will be the actual state of the floor up until the end. We are still picking the color/look of the final floor but won't be making any decisions until everything else has come together and we can safely put the flooring in! 

Mama & Tiny Style!

Because my #instagramhusband took so many wonderful photos

Because stripes forever and ever

Because brick walls.... always

Because I love all of these brands


Because Mama has to have a bit of style too! 

All Things Lavender!

With the recent explosion of essential oils a lot people think they’re a new trend, but in reality they’ve been around for centuries. Young Living essential oils are therapeutic grade which gives them the ability to work with your body. Within 20 minutes of applying oils, they can be found in every cell. These pure oils are distilled from the "life blood" of plants and contain the plant's own immunity, hormones, and scents. When you pick a rose and break off the stem, you’ll always notice there is a bit of a watery substance. This is the source that the pure essential oils come from and it’s been intelligently created to benefit our whole body. Beyond this, essential oils also offer the perfect solution for us to transform our homes into chemical free environments.

Mornings Always


Because sometimes you have to take a step back.

remember, let go.

Hold space for the beauty in routine,

the simplicity of these moments.

Flipping pancakes, baby giggles, boiling water. 

Finding depth in the ordinary,

comfort in the moment,

because love.. breakfast with you is everything 

and my heart will always return here,

to this space,


our mornings. 

Lucy & Leo

Lucy & Leo is an organic clothing company out of New York that manufactures in the USA. The goal is to create classic designs with a  modern twist and Lucy & Leo definitely does that while still maintaining a gorgeous soft color palette. Further Lucy & Leo plant a tree for every garment purchased which is pretty awesome and definitely gives back in a very environmentally friendly way.  Their mission is, "to provide children with the finest, highest quality clothing on the market." 

BusDate #1

Step one was to remove all of the seats we initially were going to keep some of them but after further inspection we decided to remove them all and find a different way to do seats for passengers while the bus is moving. This was really a two person job and after a few minor tool changes and an actual complete change of who was under the bus and who was inside of the bus we were actually able to get all of the seats out relatively quickly! 

We Bought a Bus!!!

We bought a bus!!! (If the title for the blog didn't already give that away) We entered the bid on Sunday and won on Monday... oh my goodness this has been so crazy. Did I mention we hadn't even seen the busy before we bid on it? (It is beautiful by the way) but seriously this might be one of the craziest things we have ever done..... 

A Proper Brand Collaboration - Guest Post by Kayla Haupt/ Co-Owner of Under A Tin Roof

So let’s be honest for a moment. We all want to strike gold. Your business could gain thousands of followers, or your personal account could suddenly get contacted by major companies to help them market their products! How fun is that? We love participating, especially when we get to meet amazing people who become great friends along the way, but it’s difficult engaging in brand representative contests as a business.