Tiny Style (Little Cotton Wood)

A day late but I am trying! Today's Tiny Style post might be one of my favorite brands ever! Not only do they make amazing clothes but wooden toys as well. This guitar has filled our house with so much "music" and joy I can't even begin to tell you. I was a little scared at first that she would just pull all the strings off and it would be a five minute toy but so far it has held up impressively well to her strumming and loud singing! 

On Creativity

Sometimes you have to do something random and beautiful and sporadic. These photos... were that for me this week. My lovely sister-in-laws put on there wedding dresses and let me take photos of them in the woods. It was cold, there were crying babies, but it was also incredibly beautiful. 

Busdate #5

Guys we are making real progress and actually more or less have a completion date for the bus!!! I can't even tell you how excited that make me... I was looking back and realized we started this project almost 6 months ago, you can see our first post HERE. So here is a little peek into everything we have done in the bus this month... 

Mama and Tiny Style (Posey and Pence)

Another tiny style post because honestly I am just having way to much fun with this! Today though it is not just Jessamyn but my outfit too! All of these brands are absolutely lovely and we had so much fun exploring in nature and basically feeling like complete forest babes in these outfits! 

Thankfulness and Wandering

Thanksgiving is coming which if I was honest is a day I generally just associate with parades, turkeys, and that slightly uncomfortable feeling of being over stuffed. This week I participated in a collaboration with several other lovely mamas on Instagram that really made me stop and think about thankfulness. What does it mean to be thankful? What does it look like to teach a two year old thankfulness? I don't have the answers but I have a small thought. 

2 Years ( A Gift Guide)

Jessamyn turned two today and in the spirit of that I thought it would be fun to put together a little gift guide for a two year old! Gift giving is something I really enjoy doing, because honestly it is really fun finding unique and often hand made products for loved ones and knowing they are getting something one of a kind that they will hopefully love brings me a lot of joy. So If you have a two year old (Or even a three or four year old) this is the gift guide for you birthdays and holidays, it is totally versatile! 

The Aquarium

Oh baby girl you are turning two and I don't even have words.... When you turned one it was easy, I had a clear purpose and direction. We threw a giant party, cake, food, all your favorite people.... I planned it out down to the minute. Two though, two snuck up on me. It came with a lot of words, mile stones, and so very many skills I can't even begin to list. And really how do you capture that essence and turn it into a party? A celebration big enough to really express all you have become in the past two years of your existence? I think the answer if I am honest is that you cannot, and we did not... so Instead it was the aquarium and then wings and fries for lunch because you basically exist off of fruit, chicken nuggets, and fries.... obviously. 

Tiny Style (Billow + Bound)

Like I said Billow + Bound is a Denver based children's clothing line. All of their items are made from artisan made fabric from around the world, in simple, classic styles. With the aim to create a more mainstream market for these artisan's traditions while at the same time, support them by giving them consistent employment  The dress Jessamyn is wearing is made from their first line out of central India and is so dreamy! 

On Books & the Alphabet

In some ways it is reassuring to know so many other mamas are worrying and so many tinies aren't speaking either. On the other side though it is sad that we even have to worry and makes me wonder if society isn't failing us a little, leading us to believe we aren't enough, our children aren't enough. There is this strange but rather loud voice I continually here as Jessamyn gets older urging me to push her further, make sure she is the smartest, the best, the brightest. I am not entirely sure where it is coming from but I have to say it kind of disturbs me and makes me wonder why? 

5 Tips for Hiking in the Fall With a Baby

SO you want to get outdoors, but its Fall and you have a baby... that means changing weather, changing light, and just the general extra needs of hiking with a toddler. We try to get out with Jessamyn pretty frequently so today I thought I would put together a little guide for how we get out in the Fall (and soon to be Winter) with a baby. 

Busdate #4

So from here we will be adding one more coat of paint just to make sure everything is good and covered. Tomorrow morning we will be meeting our electrician to pick out lights and build shelving in the bus. Once the electric is run we will be tearing apart some old pallets to stain them and begin building the walls! I will try to post more regular updates as we move forward and make progress on this project!

Tiny Style (Chocolate Milke)

Today's tiny style is a brand I have shared before but am sharing again today because we have the privilege of being the first to share a new style and because the dye obviously! Chocolate Milke is a brand that we absolutely love, Jessamyn and I probably have a good 9 pairs of leggings between the two of us and I am not exaggerating!  I pretty much love how easy it is the pair anything with tie dye and honestly how quickly I can get Jessamyn dressed when just leggings and a shirt are involved!