Babies and Supplements and Everything I wish I Had Known

I entered motherhood ready with diapers, baby clothes, baby toys, and everything else you could imagine but zero knowledge on supplements or remedies. When I first took Jessamyn to the doctor they told me she needed to be on a multivitamin and I literally just stared at them blankly and then went home and did nothing about it because I was just so overwhelmed with the idea of finding the right supplement and making sure it was safe. I feel like I spent a lot of Jessamyn’s first year overwhelmed and nervous to give her anything because I just wanted to make sure it was safe for her and wouldn’t harm her.  The second time around I did a little bit of research and was a bit more prepared but still wasn’t too sure what to use in regards toteething, Vitamin D Drops, Multivitamins… the world of supplements and remedies has always been a bit overwhelming for me and especially when it comes to my daughters I just didn’t want to accidentally give them the wrong thing. 

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