Happy Birthday (A Gift Guide For Men)

So every year on my husbands birthday I try to out do myself. Ben and I have been together for four birthdays now and honestly as stressful as it can be trying to come up with a new gift every year it is also super fun and I love finding beautiful little shops and just personal ways to let him know I am grateful he is alive. 

SO this year I thought I would put my finds together for you to see as well! I feel like I am always searching gift guides for inspiration and hope this will bring you some too! 

Huckleberry Roasters Instagram

First (and maybe most importantly or at least for my sanity) A good bag of coffee! My husband loves coffee and so naturally this ends up in my gift... pretty often. This time around it was Huckleberry Roasters a local Denver coffee roaster that we love! Not only do they have great coffee but they offer a coffee subscription service... so basically you don't have to run out unless you want to! Their roasting style is really lovely and I always appreciate the unique flavors and offering they bring with each roast. Definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of good coffee! 

Oh and if your man is not a coffee lover whiskey is a great alternative! 

Ps. If you need coffee brewing equipment here is a great place to start.... 

Red Leaf Leather Instagram

Secondly on my list I always try to get Ben something personalized. One year it was a keychain with the GPS coordinates for the spot where he proposed, another year it was personalized spoons with a funny spoon related quote on them... basically always something kind of sweet and just a reminder that I love him. This year it was a wallet from Red Leaf Leather with a quote from The Velveteen Rabbit which the pastor read at our wedding. Red Leaf Leather makes the lovelies wallets and other leather goods and they can be personalized (and come in so many colors) which is basically the best. I love this wallet not only because it is good quality and Ben can hopefully use it forever but because I was able to make it unique and personal to him which really is the essence of a good gift. 

Ps. If you already have the gift but need a cute card here are a few shops I have found some amazing cards at....

BlackBirdTees Instagram

Lastly one of the things I often do is search Etsy for unique shirts and this year found BlackBirdTees. Basically one of the loveliest shops I have every stumbled upon. BlackBirdTees has a wide variety of products and all of them so earthy and good! This is one of the softest shirts I have ever felt and the design is just awesome, Ben loved it! There is something fun about having a shirt that is unique and a style all your own and I love the variety and beautiful choices BlackBirdTees has. 

So thats basically it,  a good gift is simple, and genuine. Sometimes we worry so much about giving the biggest or greatest gift but at the end of the day showing someone you love them and thought of them is enough. I hope that you found a little inspiration in this guide... there will probably be more as the holidays are coming! 

Ps. If you are waiting on a bus update check back next week and A LOT in October as that is when we are hoping to get this all finished!