Motherhood and Bus Life (Minimal Motherhood)

The truth though is I think no matter where you mother, motherhood is hard, and in a bus, a house, an apartment... whenever motherhood is universally a language we are all still trying to learn.  Having only been a mother for two years I can't claim any level of expertise. I am not terribly patient, good at calming tantrums, or right now even remotely good at potty training. Living in a bus hasn't made these things any more or less real but it has taken the space we would normally have to live in and learn together and made it incredibly smaller and more personal. 

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First Trimester Recap (A Pregnancy Update)

I feel like so far this pregnancy has gone by so much faster than my first. It might be that we have been so busy moving into the bus and just with all these major life changes but I also think I am just less stressed this time. With my first pregnancy I took a pregnancy test everyday for like a week and with this one I just took one and called it a day. I haven't felt the same sense of urgency to have everything perfect, haven't been shopping for baby clothes, and have really just been less focused on being pregnant that I was last time. 

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Breckenridge Colorado in One Weekend


If I was honest we have have not been getting out nearly as much as we should.... we have been worrying, stressing about the bus, the house, basically just being impatient and wanting things to move faster than they can at the moment. I feel like even in the middle of craziness and stress it is important to just get away and enjoy even just an afternoon together. We always find it so centering and it really is just good self care and good for us as a family. 

These photos aren't from this weekend but a little while ago when we spent the afternoon in Breckenridge. It was a really lovely afternoon out and since we haven't wandered in a while and this was a really beautiful day I felt like I should share it! 

The first thing we inevitably do in any city or town we visit is eat/find coffee. I am not sure why that is the case but have just accepted it as life. We wandered around for a little while because it was surprisingly tricky to find a restaurant that was baby friendly but stumbled into this lovely little cafe that basically had the most amazing sweet potato fries! 

Plus they had brats made from wild boar which I totally didn't know was a thing but am now convinced are pretty amazing. 

It was so good I pretty much didn't even think about taking a picture until we were done... oops. Realistically I know that eating out is expensive and not something we can do every day but there really is something so relaxing about sitting down together in a new city and eating a meal. I also think its great socialization for Jessamyn because people always end up coming over to say hi or talk with her. 

Jessamyn's Moccasins - HERE

The rest of the day was basically spent running around, talking to dogs, and drinking coffee. We aren't huge spenders when we go out and especially with a tiny we mostly just window shop... and like I said drink coffee. I feel like everyone has something they spend money on with trips and for us it is coffee always.  Here are a few good places in Breckenridge.... 


My Dress - HERE 

Overall this was a really wonderful day out, we didn't necessarily do anything crazy but just wandering around, eating good food, and enjoying all the dogs (or at least Jessamyn was) in Breckenridge, was enough and I hope that once the bus is done we will have so many more lovely days like this. 


On Tea and Mornings (Or Tips for Better Tea)

There is something powerful about ritual and mornings. For me that ritual looks like a cup of tea... Every morning without fail, one cup of loose leaf tea and a little bit of honey. I've come to realize that people tend to have a lot of opinions about tea and coffee... which is better, how to brew, etc. I am not here to answer that question but I would like to share with you a bit more about my tea ritual and how to brew a great cup of tea. 

Two of my favorite morning teas of choice are Earl Grey Lavender and Lemon Ginger Black. Both are black teas which means the tea leaves are rolled which creates bruising and allows for oxidation to occur this process is what gives black tea its reddish color allows for the flavor of the tea to really develop. 

Altitude plays a huge roll in how black teas develop and depending on where the teas was grown you will have a different tasting experience. For example teas grown at a higher altitude tend to be more fruity and floral where as teas grown at a lower altitude will be more full bodied and malty. 

Earl Grey Lavender is one of my very favorite tea choices. There is a very gentle floral taste to it from the lavender but combined with the strong citrus and bergamot flavor of the Earl Grey it creates a wonderful morning wake up. Best brewed at boiling point (212 degrees fahrenheit) I generally mix one table spoon to every eight ounces of water. The beautiful thing about good quality tea is that often you can steep it several times and still get a wonderful cup of tea, I generally steep four minutes for the first cup and five minutes (or sometimes longer) for the second. One thing I have personally noted is that you can over steep and end up with a very strong and almost bitter flavor so definitely keep an eye on your cup! 

Lemon Ginger Black tea is actually a new tea I only recently started to incorporate into my morning and absolutely love! There is such a bold ginger flavor that mixes really well with lemon, turmeric and mango flavors of the black tea blend. Not to sound dorky but I savor every sip and love including this blend in my morning routine. Similar to the Lavender Earl Grey Lemon Ginger Black tea is best brewed at boiling point (212 degrees fahrenheit) with a one table spoon to eight ounces of water ratio. Steep time is generally 3-4 minutes but honestly that completely depends on the flavors you like in your tea and if it is your first or second cup. 

One awesome note about Lemon Ginger Black is that because it is a tea from Nepal Rishi Tea has a project going on actually called "Project Nepal FWEAN" that creates micro loans for women entrepreneurs and actually for every kilogram that Rishi purchases 2 dollars is contributed to this micro finance fund. 

In a lot of ways loose leaf tea is such a wonderful experience but also understandably daunting if you are new to the tea world. A couple things to remember about loose leaf tea are.... 

  • Loose leaf teas don't necessarily go bad but can loose their freshness or absorb flavors of things around them so storing your tea in a dark, cool space and in an airtight container will help prolong the life of your tea. 
  • The length of time you brew the tea matters! Brewing for longer lengths of time will not give you more health benefits but will actually just make the flavors themselves stronger and potentially overly bitter.
  • Similarly the temperature of the water matter as well! Having water that is too hot can negatively affect the steeping of the tea and bring out a bitter flavor where as water that is too cold can under steep the tea and you will miss out on some of the lovely flavors and tasting notes. 
  • Feel free to experiment! I generally add a little bit of honey and lemon essential oil to my tea but there are so many things you could do, honey sugar, milk, lemon, etc. The list goes on and on. 

If you have any questions about tea don't hesitate to ask! Similar to coffee there are a lot of ways to drink tea, a lot of good and bad options and the more you know the better your experience will be! I personally might be a bit tea obsessed and couldn't imagine my morning without it! Also if your looking for some inspiration, education, or just different tea options feel free to browse Rishi Tea's website... I think they even have a recipe for Vegan Lavender Earl Grey cupcakes up there somewhere! 

Ps. I am always looking for tea related ideas, brands, suggestions. Please feel free to comment below OR if you have any questions ask those too and I will try to answer them for you! 

An Open Letter on Brand Repping

Mamas please... remember that under all the dresses and headbands, leggings, and moccasins there is a tiny child trusting you to look out for their best interest but also yours as well. I've noticed a trend lately with a lot of brands where there is a "search" for a brand representative... but if you win you do not get a free product in exchange for your posts and photos. You get a percentage off and a contracted obligation to order at regular intervals. Further you get the privilege of emailing in your photos... photos of your child to this brand for their unlimited use ( which if that doesn't scare you, it should). Mama's I am here to tell you, you are worth more than that! 

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