Favorite Nursing Bras (Pregnancy Essentials)

Nursing bras! This is a topic I knew nothing about walking into my first pregnancy and this time around was determined to have a bit more knowledge and a few more options! Last pregnancy I bought a grand total of 2 nursing bras and wore them both for over a year. It was not the worst but this time around I have quite a few more options and feel a bit more confident whether we end up nursing for a year or pumping exclusively for a year like I had to do with Jessamyn. 

Which on that note I wanted to say no matter what you end up choosing to do as far as feeding your baby there is really no bad option... do what works best for you and know that you are enough. 

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A Christmas Gift Guide (For Everyone!)

So you should know I kind of obsess about finding the perfect Christmas gift every year... I like to give gifts that are unique and come from someplace awesome, ie. not just a department store. So I thought I would put together a little gift guide, some of these things I actually bought this Christmas as gifts, some are things I have and just think would make good gifts, but all our lovely. Oh and this guide is in no particular order meaning each gift could be for anyone! 

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