Babies and Supplements and Everything I wish I Had Known


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Okay I need to preface this by saying this post is sponsored by Wellements BUT all thoughts and stories, and just everything is my own opinion.


I entered motherhood ready with diapers, baby clothes, baby toys, and everything else you could imagine but zero knowledge on supplements or remedies. When I first took Jessamyn to the doctor they told me she needed to be on a multivitamin and I literally just stared at them blankly and then went home and did nothing about it because I was just so overwhelmed with the idea of finding the right supplement and making sure it was safe. I feel like I spent a lot of Jessamyn’s first year overwhelmed and nervous to give her anything because I just wanted to make sure it was safe for her and wouldn’t harm her.  The second time around I did a little bit of research and was a bit more prepared but still wasn’t too sure what to use in regards toteething, Vitamin D Drops, Multivitamins… the world of supplements and remedies has always been a bit overwhelming for me and especially when it comes to my daughters I just didn’t want to accidentally give them the wrong thing. 





Fast forward to Ophelia’s first tooth… teething with Ophelia has been hard. She is a super “easy” baby when it comes to everything BUT not teething… teething for us has involved pretty much 24/7 breastfeeding and zero sleep for anyone. It has been exhausting running around with a three year old all day and staying up with a teething baby all night.  It was at this point actually that I got an email for Wellements about their certified organic and preservative free products and was like “you know what let’s try it.” Little did I know they made waaaaaaymore than just a teething remedy and when the package arrived and I realized just how many amazing remedies and supplements Wellements made I was speechless. We tried their Organic Baby Tooth Oil with Ophelia and it really worked! I had tried a few other things that also worked but this tooth oil is so good and I love that they are organic and preservative free. Oh and the ingredients are just organic olive oil, organic clove bud oil, organic spearmint leaf oil, and organic rebadioside A…. So totally good! I honestly don’t have many tips for teething as we just kind of go with the flow and cuddle it out but this tooth oil is definitely on my list! 




Okay but lets move past teething because seriously I have learned so much about the remedies available to help our little ones! Wellements also has a remedy for constipation, a chest rub, gripe waters, a multi vitamin, vitamin d drops, iron drops….. and so much more to come. I honestly wish I had known about Wellements back when the doctor encouraged me to give Jessamyn a multivitamin because it would have made life so much easier and saved me the stress and mom guilt of not knowing what to do and feeling overwhelmed by all the options available. Also their Organic Baby Move… seriously the blow outs and discomfort it could have saved us from… I wish I had known!!!!  I honestly feel like so much of motherhood is just not knowing what you are doing and just trying to find the best way possible for you and your family and for me at least in this area Wellements has been such an awesome resource. 




So no I don’t have all the answers or solutions to pretty much anything in motherhood but I do have a teething remedy that actually helps, a multi vitamin that is organic and preservative free, and a resource for other remedies in case I need them in the future. I would love to know what you do for teething remedies? Or what you look for in a supplement or remedy? If I had known about Wellements when I first had Jessamyn I honestly feel like it would have helped with so much stress in regards to remedies and just let me know I was giving her something that would help her and was safe. 


Oh and if you want to check out Wellements for yourself you can do so HERE!