A Father's Day Gift Guide!

Okay so I should start this out by saying this isn't sponsored, none of these ideas were gifted to us or anything like that BUT if you are like me Fathers Day, birthdays, anything to do with gift giving for a guy can be tricky and so I thought I would share a few ideas that I have had and did this year! 


- Filson : This is a brand that Ben is completely obsessed with! They have bags, shirts, basically really well made outdoor clothing and accessories and actually have their own Fathers Day gift guide up on their website right now! In fact this may or may not have been one of the first things I did for him for fathers day this year! 

- Whimsy & Spice: I think I put them on every gift guide I do but they have an amazing Fathers Day gift box going right now that is perfect if your man likes sweets! Their baked goods are seriously the best and I always find a way to include something from them whenever I need to give a gift! 

- Jubilee Roasting Company: This one really applies if your man likes coffee. This is Ben's favorite coffee roaster and so obviously it is a given that this would make a good gift. Honestly you really can't go wrong with a good bag of coffee and so I would definitely recommend this for all the coffee lovers! 

- Arrow & Board: Okay so Ben doesn't actually have anything from here yet... but I have one of their wallets and am obsessed! The quality of products in this shop is outstanding and I would highly recommend their wallets or any other products as a great fathers day gift! 

- Bainbridge Organic Distillers: Best whiskey maybe ever!! I actually bought Ben a bottle of whiskey from here as a good luck gift a bit back but it would make a good Fathers Day present too! You can't actually have anything shipped directly from them but if you google it there are a lot of different online retailers that sell their products and ship just about anywhere! 


Groupon: Okay so seriously there are a lot of fun local activities on Groupon if you just look! I think these could make great gifts and a fun way to spend time together as a family and celebrate Father's Day! 

Go to their favorite restaurant: This doesn't need a link but one thing that is always fun for a birthday or Fathers Day is to kidnap them and take them somewhere they love. Ben has a few breweries that he absolutely adores and I totally might just surprise him on Fathers Day with a little trip to visit one! 

Find a festival or local activity you can do as a family! We often go to festivals or museums or even the aquarium. Find something local and fun that you can do together and that maybe is different from the other day. It sounds cheesy but the best gift you can give is a good memory and I firmly believe that. 

Lastly... Any other activity you can think of!! The key to a good gift is showing love to the one you love and so really just get creative! Sometimes we bake things, Jessamyn always colors a picture... last year we brought him waffles in bed.... you don't have to spend a ton to give a good gift, you just have to find what works for you! 

If you have any ideas of your own you want to share please comment below I so struggle with Fathers Day and finding good gifts and definitely appreciate any ideas or suggestions you might have!