Favorite Nursing Bras (Pregnancy Essentials)

Nursing bras! This is a topic I knew nothing about walking into my first pregnancy and this time around was determined to have a bit more knowledge and a few more options! Last pregnancy I bought a grand total of 2 nursing bras and wore them both for over a year. It was not the worst but this time around I have quite a few more options and feel a bit more confident whether we end up nursing for a year or pumping exclusively for a year like I had to do with Jessamyn. 

Which on that note I wanted to say no matter what you end up choosing to do as far as feeding your baby there is really no bad option... do what works best for you and know that you are enough. 

Some tips for getting the right fit and the right bra for your life style! 

- Okay so for me I purchased my nursing bras in the same size I wore pre-pregnancy.. after doing some research I learned this is not recommended and that actually you should get sized (or size yourself) at about 8 months pregnant to get the best fit postpartum. 

- One thing I did do and am doing again this time that was a lifesaver was get a bra expander... this is a little attachment that can clip on to the hooks on the back of your bra and really help with those first few weeks postpartum when your breast size is all over the place and then makes it easier to adjust and continue to use your nursing bras as your breast size changes throughout the postpartum period. 

- Don't plan on wearing any sort of form fitting or cup specific nursing bra right away. Those first few weeks are a huge transition as your milk comes in and your body adjusts to that. Get a couple good stretchy almost sports bra like nursing bras for those first few weeks and be gentle with yourself nursing is a huge deal and a huge transition for your body and so initially wearing any sort of bra might feel strange and be uncomfortable. 

- Get a few different styles of nursing bras to go with any outfit. Last time having only 2 nursing bras I was pretty limited in what I could wear and had to work around my nursing body quite a bit. Now knowing that there are a million styles and colors out there I am definitely more prepared this time and hoping to be able to actually wear whatever I want postpartum! 

- Lastly you really do get what you pay for with nursing bras. I made the mistake last time of grabbing a few cheap options at a local store and ended up throwing those out within a week because they just didn't cut it. The two bras I invested in were a bit pricy but held up for a year of constant wear and tear and I definitely stand by the idea that you get what you pay for. 

My Recommendations/What is currently in my closet as we wait for baby girl to arrive! 

Comfort, non cup specific Nursing Bras - 

Bravado Designs: This is a brand that is new to me but I am absolutely loving their bras as much as I can while still pregnant! I have a few options all seamless and leaning more towards the comfort side. These bras are really soft and I am planning on using them immediately after birth for those first few weeks when my milk is coming in and then probably to sleep in postpartum for the remainder of the time I breastfeed. I also got a nursing tank that is really durable and I am excited to try out and think will work really well under clothing and to help create a more fluid look. One think I like about Bravado Designs is that they have a lot of different options, it would be really hard to not find something that works AND they have hands free pumping bras which I didn't even know was an option last time and would have been so amazing to have! 

Belibea: This is another brand that is more toward the comfort side vs. formfitting cups but one thing I like about these bras is they are made to be flexible and adjustable which will in the end help them last longer but also provide so much more comfort for you as your breasts change while nursing. I plan on using these At home post-partum and again for night nursing. I also have a tank top from Belibea and am excited to try it out and see what kind of support it will provide while out and about! Again these bras are also incredibly comfortable and super soft but at the same time I think will provide good support during those early weeks and over night! 

  Cup Specific, Everyday support Nursing bras - 

Bella Materna: I might be a bit biased towards this brand because these were the two nursing bras I owned with Jessamyn and I had to include them on this list. Bella Materna creates bras you can use postpartum but then adjust to turn into a regular bra beyond that. They create some of the most beautifully designed bras and lingerie I have ever seen and I highly recommend them. I wore these bras everyday postpartum and the support they provide is amazing.. to be honest I am one of those people who likes a lot of support when it comes to bras and these ones held up every single time. ALSO if you follow this link HERE you can get $5 off your purchase from Bella Materna! 

Cake Maternity: This brand is new to me but the bra I have is adorable! It is cup specific and adjustable I got a nude color with the hope of being able to wear it under more things and am really impressed with the tiny details and quality. Cake Maternity is another brand that has a lot of different options and so if you have something specific in mind or just want to browse around they would be a great place to start! The designs and different details make their bras truly beautiful and not feel so much like an awkward nursing bra but more like something you actually feel beautiful while wearing. 

SO! those are what I currently have and am planning on using when baby girl gets here! I have heard some people start wearing their nursing bras while still pregnant but for me I like to stick to a good old sports bra and call it a day! If you have any questions about these brands or any recommendations of your own please please comment below! I love community and especially with motherhood and nursing I think we all have something worthwhile to bring to the table!