Living Softly (Peri Co)

I've never been terribly good at explaining why I like certain things, or why I pursue certain passions. After having kids I've realized I want to pass on the things I love and am passionate about to my daughters but honestly have struggled with the how. When Peri Co reached out to me to share their story and brand  I was immediately struck by their goal of creating a community that will foster a love of nature in little ones.  How do you foster a love? How do you take something you enjoy and pass that on to tiny humans without ruining it for them or over doing it? 

Per Co (designed in Hawaii) is short for Perennial Cottons because their desire is to be continuous, reoccurring. The swaddle shown in my photos is one of three from their first collection (Narwal , Succulent, Papaya). Their blankets are 30% cotton and 70% bamboo and literally the softest swaddle I have ever felt. Holding this blanket made me realize two things, one that I want to use this blanket with every baby I ever have from here on out. Two that being continuous can be gentle, soft, comfortable. 

Maybe fostering love looks like being gentle, slowly, repeatedly sharing a love for something. This is probably not that profound of a thought but I find it completely comforting to know that I don't have to force Jessamyn to love what I love. I don't have to take her into nature and say "you will like this or else." I can just gently and softly share life experiences with her and know that the memories we make, the continuity that comes from gently doing something together in nature... that is enough. 

If all of that wasn't enough Peri Co also gives 5 dollars from each blanket purchased to Operation Underground Railroad, Which is an organization that helps to end human trafficking. Beyond blanket Peri Co has teething necklaces and Aloha Boxes and also gives an amount back through those as well! 

Basically Peri Co is a brand that inspires a love for nature, helps to end human trafficking, and creates swaddles with succulents on them that you can bet our new little one coming in August is going to be wrapped in! I don't normally fall in love with the mission of a brand but the idea of continually fostering a love of nature is something I can definitely get behind. 

If your interested in these succulent swaddles you can get one with free shipping HERE (first 30 people to follow the link) If your wanting to learn more you can find their website HERE and if you want to follow along on Instagram you can do so HERE! 

Lastly I would love to hear your thoughts on living softly and fostering a love for nature (or something else) in your own kids? I feel like it is something we often don't talk about but if we were all honest we want our kids to enjoy doing the things we love with us and that is totally beautiful!