Tiny Style(Kinbe)

Okay so I went from zero tiny style posts to almost two in a row! This will be the last one for a little bit though because we are headed out this week on a month long road trip! I'm excited to bring you this brand today though because I don't know that I have done a tiny style post just focusing on shoes yet and these shoes are pretty much awesome and crazy cozy looking! 

So first of all though I have to confess Jessamyn has basically been the same size shoe size 12 months... yes thats right its been over a year since I had to buy her shoes so these were a much needed refresh to her wardrobe! 

Kinbe Kids is a brand out of LA that was formed with the idea of being able to give back to the world in a meaningful way. Kinbe Kids is a socially conscious lifestyle brand that commits to making products with love, inspiring others, and giving back. Their purpose is to build homes for children who don't have homes. When you purchase Kinbe Kids moccasins 25% of your purchase goes back to this cause. 

If all of that wasn't enough what makes Kinbe Kids really interesting is that their shoes are adjustable meaning they can grow with your child. Like I already said Jessamyn has basically the tiniest feet in the world and so for me this wasn't a huge factor as I am not convinced her feet will ever grow but I know for most families kids go through shoes like crazy and so being able to hold on to a pair of shoes for a while is an amazing feature and definitely something I look forward to testing out when her feet finally grow! 

Our verdict - These shoes are comfortable and super versatile. Jessamyn has worn them for a month now and they pretty much go with everything, stay on her feet, and I haven't had any complaints from her about them.  I even put them through the wash the other day on accident and they came out just fine which was surprising to me as honestly most of the time when we have accidentally washed shoes they don't make it. Oh and there come in like a million cute colors I have my eye on the Canyon ones next! 

If you want to check out Kinbe Kids you can find their website HERE Instagram HERE and Facebook HERE


If you have any thoughts on brands we should feature, or questions about Kinbe Kids please comment below!