Tiny Style (Wilshire + Cooper)

It has been a ridiculously long long long time since our last tiny style post but I am going to just say it is because I was waiting for something BIG and this is HUGE! I am so excited to share this website with you today it is quite literally a shopping destination for kids clothing and accessories! Mostly thought I am excited for you to see the butterfly wings Jessamyn is wearing in the next few photos because she is completely obsessed... even tried to make our dog wear them the other day! 

Okay! So Wilshire + Cooper a website I had literally never heard of until a few weeks ago but pretty much the most amazing spot for creative name brand and designer kids apparel. Every single piece they sent us has been something Jessamyn has completely loved... yes most of it did have butterflies on it which helps since she loves those but even without that factor these items are cute, like we got stopped on the street by strangers and asked about her wardrobe cute. And I honestly love the fact that this clothing inspires her creativity and basically allows her to dress to her own unique personality! 

Wilshire + Cooper's goal is to create an exclusive destination for kids designer brand and accessories from all over the world. They offer organic cotton, handmade accessories, and brands offering the latest in run way fashion. Basically you have a little bit of everything and something for everyone. What I am also finding to be fun is that many of the pieces can be mixed and matched depending on what styles and brands you choose. So for example Jessamyn has a few skirts and tops from Wilshire + Cooper that color wise can go together multiple ways and can even stand on their own which makes for a lot of fun outfits. 

So far every piece of clothing has held up to the rough and tumble life style of a two year old. I have washed almost everything we received and it has held up great against hiking, ice cream, pizza, petting baby chickens... basically you are getting something durable which is for me an important factor when dressing Jessamyn. I say dressing loosely though because honestly she has started to make her own fashion choices which means that purple butterfly dress seen below and those pink shoes everyday... I am not kidding every single day. 

You can find Wilshire + Cooper online HERE, their Instagram HERE, and Facebook HERE

Ps. What is the craziest thing you toddler has tried to leave the house in? For us it is these butterfly wings and just those pink shoes...