The Redwoods (or the Best Drive Ever)

When I was little my mom always talked about driving through the Redwoods. She described it like the trees would be massive and magical and I always imagined it that way in my head. We never made it on that trip and so needless to say driving through the redwoods has always been at the top of my list of things I needed to do in life! This was actually the fourth installment of our trip (Seattle blog coming soon) We drove from Montana to Seattle and then Seattle to Crescent City California which is where this blog post picks up! 

We drove the 101 from Portland down to San Fransisco and it was one of the most amazing drives I have ever done. Between the ocean and the amazing forests it was just almost to much to take in. We made the mistake of doing the entire drive through the redwoods  in one day from Crescent City down to San Fransisco but I think if I did it again I would camp in on of the national forests and take a bit more time to enjoy our surroundings.  In fact we saw tons of people in camper vans and towing rv's and I was so jealous because it would have been nice to be able to stop and just know we could stop for the night or make a meal in the middle of nowhere rather than pressing on to our hotel reservation. 

Jessamyn was initially unimpressed with the trees but as we wandered in the woods I would catch her looking up and by the time we turned around to head back I was literally having to guide her to keep her from falling over as she walked while starring up. We just got out and took a short hike (it was also pouring rain) but if I did it again we would pack a lunch and spend the whole day out wandering in the forest. There was a lot of wildlife too and at one point we even saw an entire herd of elk! It did rain 90% of the time we were there so I would recommend bringing rain gear or a warmer sweater if you want to hike. 

We drove through Humboldt State Park and stopped at one of the drive through trees. It was only $5 to drive through and even though I am definitely glad they have stopped creating tourist attractions like this it was kind of a crazy experience and totally worth the $5. Jessamyn will probably never remember doing this but there will always be a photo of her perched in the back of the car in the middle of a tree and I think that is totally worth it! 

if you want more information about the Redwoods or this drive here are a few websites I used to research for our trip:

- Humboldt Redwoods

- Drive Through a Redwood

- Avenue of the Giants

- Redwood Frequently Asked Questions

The only other thing I would say about this drive is that there was basically zero food or coffee shops for hours. So definitely pack your own food! We did stop at one coffee shop and it was kind of a horrible experience, most of the tourist stops were not open yet for the season and so it was a beautiful day of starving. So all that to say bring your own food if you plan on doing this trip your stomach and anyone else in the car will thank you later! 

If you have any questions or tips or suggestions please leave them in the comments below!