Seattle With a Toddler!

Seattle! A city I have so much love for and actually we are trying to move to (in case you missed that bit). We spent a week of our road trip in Seattle exploring, wandering, and Ben spent a bit of that time working towards being able to transfer with his job. We come to Seattle yearly so this was not our first time bringing Jessamyn but last time she was significantly smaller and less mobile, which definitely made this trip a whole new experience!

We stayed in AirBnb's during our time in Seattle and I honestly have mixed feelings about that. One of them was amazing and lovely and I would stay there again. The other one was a bit terrifying and made us consider spending the extra money to go stay in a hotel. I will probably blog more about picking a good AirBnb later but for now I would just say read the descriptions closely and pay attention to the negative reviews!

Most of our trip was spent wandering around looking at flowers and searching for good food. We love the Ballard area and so spent most of the first couple of days in Ballard eating at all our favorite places, and of course we took Jessamyn to see the fish ladder which she thought was pretty awesome! We used our Bugaboo Bee5 stroller for the entire trip and it was a serious lifesaver! Jessamyn did wander around a lot, but she is also two and so on our longer wandering days or in crowds, she would ride in the stroller... which also doubled as a giant purse for me, so no complaints there.

This post is sponsored by Bugaboo but all thoughts are my own and I wouldn't share this with you if I hadn't honestly been completely impressed with this stroller... and trust me we really put it to the test on this trip. Rain, sunshine, cookie crumbs, changed diapers, stairs, mud... etc.

Some highlights about the Bee5 -

·         With improved suspension and an all-new padded seat, the Bugaboo Bee5 has achieved a new level of comfort and an even smoother ride. The Bugaboo Bee5 also features new integrated attachment points for accessories, eliminating the use for adapters and making it easy to attach essential accessories like the Bugaboo Cup Holder, Bugaboo Parasol and the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board. Just click them directly onto the stroller and head out to explore

·         Outside of the stroller’s great functionality, the Bugaboo Bee5 is the ultimate customizable product, providing the most styling options offered to date. The Bugaboo Bee5 seat fabric can now be separated from the seat hardware, making it easier to update the look of the stroller.

·         The Bee5 comes in so many color combinations that you can really express your personal style, no matter what that is – Fifteen new colors and materials have also been added to the portfolio along with new changeable wheel caps and faux leather grips to give parents even more opportunities to customize their stroller to match their personal style or move with the latest urban trends.  Parents can choose different elements from the Core Collection of solid colors, including new offerings like olive green and dark red, the Premium Collection of mélange colors, or the brand new Signature Collection featuring Botanic and Wave print fabrics for the seat, bassinet and/or sun canopy.

·         The wheels have also been re-designed to make them more stable, deliver a better swivel performance, and reduce the amount of dust that can make its way into the system to guarantee a smoother drive over time.  As a family we try to live an outdoor life style, traveling and pursuing our dreams. The Bugaboo Bee5 has helped us do this in that it has provided a lightweight, compact way for us to bring a stroller with us as travel and explore. Jessamyn loves the butterflies on the botanic print and I love the freedom to pursue our lifestyle that has come from using this stroller. We definitely don’t plan on stopping our travels any time soon and with another baby on the way you can bet this stroller will be helping us with that for a long time to come.

Of all the places we went in Seattle the market was definitely and will always be my favorite. We wandered through there every day, eating crumpets, smelling fish, buying all the flowers. Jessamyn was literally speechless every single time we walked through and I hope to be able to bring her back again and again. I know it is super touristy and also incredibly crowded but there is something magical about a giant market full of flowers and fish and venders with beef jerky and donuts and everything else you could possibly imagine. Also I have to say bringing a baby in a stroller AND being pregnant is definitely a bonus at the market because crowds will literally part for you... like seriously we were able to explore freely and I am so grateful for that.

I should probably also mention it did rain a good bit while we were there. We all had rain coats and Jessamyn had this awesome Bugaboo rain cover that seriously cracked me up every time because she would stick her feet through the little cut out and it was basically the most hilarious thing ever. Also everyone who passed us commented that they needed someone to push them around in a stroller with a rain cover so seriously I'm thinking this might need to become a new business?

Whether we end up moving to Seattle or not we will definitely be going back! If you have any suggestions of things we should do OR any questions about the Bee5 please leave them below I would love love love to hear from you!