Portland while Pregnant

Road Trip part three! If you missed the first two installments you can find Montana HERE and Seattle HERE. We planned the trip around Ben having to work while we were in Seattle but Portland... Portland was just for fun and oh my goodness did we have the best time ever. I titled this blog "Portland while pregnant" because honestly traveling while pregnant is a very different experience and for me involves a bit more intentional planning to make sure that I don't overdo it and also have a good time! 

Similar to Seattle we stayed in an Air BnB only this time it was absolutely amazing! It was a little apartment tucked above a coffee shop and tattoo parlor and it was actually completely lovely. We made a point to find a place to stay near restaurants and shops so that we would have the option to walk around in the evenings. I find that while pregnant I am really exhausted in the evening and Jessamyn usually is too so it was nice to be able to just relax and not spend a lot of time maneuvering a city we don't know terribly well or sitting in traffic. Another aspect of having a place all to ourselves vs. just a hotel room was that I was able to cook and store snacks and actually make real food while we were there. We were in Portland for four days so this was nice and allowed me to eat similarly to the way I eat at home, which when you are pregnant really makes all the difference in the world. Plus it allowed us a backup for Jessamyn if she didn't like the food when we went out so basically it's just a win all around! 


Places we ate in - 

    •    Bollywood Theater 

    •    The Waffle Window

    •    Salt & Straw 

    •    Stumptown Coffee

    •    Blue Star Donuts

    •    Tov Coffee & Tea 

    •    Rogue Brewing

Activities - 

    •    International Rose Test Garden

    •    Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

    •    Willamette River Walkway

I would like to say that traveling is all dreamy vibes and exploration... but honestly it isn't and with how long this trip was we had to plan out quite a bit to make sure that we were able to enjoy the experience and actually have the dreamy travel experience we wanted. For me while pregnant and carrying a two year old across the pacific North West I knew that this meant a coupleof things. One it meant having good snacks with us at all times, I know that is totally random but for my sake when nausea hit and for Jessamyn's when she got grump having good snacks available was a huge key to keeping everyone happy and not grumpy. 


Another huge factor for us on this trip was our stroller. We have the Bugaboo Bee5 and it was a dream to use. The stroller folds up flat, which made it easy to transport in the car and tuck away in restaurants. For a compact stroller, italso has a good amount of storage underneath where we kept extra diapers, wipes, and because we were in Portland, our rain gear. The seat has three different positions, which was nice for when Jessamyn fell asleep on the go or when she wanted to sit up taller to eat or drink something. It is also super lightweight which I appreciate because being pregnant I can maneuver this thing almost anywhere. It was really the best stroller for the trip! Bugaboo did send us the stroller as a gift but honestly having done this trip before with a much smaller baby and a very different baby carrying pack, I would definitely choose this stroller every single time! 


As a family we try to live an outdoor lifestyle, traveling and pursuing our dreams. The Bugaboo Bee5 has helped us do this because it’s lightweight and compact enough to take on all of our adventures. Jessamyn loves the botanic print, mainly because of the dreamy butterflies on it, andI love that the Bee5 gives us the freedom to pursue our active lifestyle.


We definitely plan to continue traveling and with another baby on the way you can bet that our Bee5 willbe a part of our upcoming trips.


Overall Portland was a really relaxing and beautiful experience. We ate a lot of good food, wandered through some amazing streets and really just took it easy. Sometimes on trips the desire is to go and do and see as much as possible but truthfully, especially for me while pregnant, taking it slow and really just savoring each experience is better in the long run and allows for a better trip all around. 

Ps. I would love to hear your Portland recommendations because we definitely plan on going back and I know we have only just scratched the surface!