Well its been a while but if you have been following along at all on Instagram you will know we went on a road trip that might basically have been one of the most beautiful experiences we have had as a family to date! We started out in Denver Colorado and drove to Casper Wyoming. We stayed two nights there unexpectedly in an attempt to outrun a snowstorm and then headed to Montana which might be one of the most beautiful states I have ever been to. 

Ben planned the trip out pretty well so that we never drove more than 5 or 6 hours at a time. With a two year old this was pretty Important and I thinks helped keep us all sane on this trip. I'll blog more about our travel tips for taking a road trip with a two year old but right now I want to tell you about Montana and the amazing lodge we stayed at during our time there. We knew we were going to stop on Bozeman and had actually driven through once before but I was pregnant with Jessamyn that time and incredibly sick so basically I was really excited to come back and actually enjoy the experience!

We stayed at the Gallatin River Lodge and I will just tell you now we are already planning a trip back. The lodge is a little bit out of the immediate downtown area but honestly that only added to its charm and the view of the mountains was ridiculously gorgeous! We pulled up and were immediately met by some amazing people who gave us a tour and showed us to our room. The lodge as a beautiful earthy feel to it while at the same time a fresh quiet openness that was really inviting and peaceful after a long day of driving. 

Our room was beautiful with doors that opened to the outside, a fire place, and homemade granola that I actually desperately want the recipe for because it was amazing and Jessamyn of course ate 99% of it. They even included dog treats for us in the room because they thought we had brought a dog which was just the sweetest touch and I really appreciated all the effort put into making the lodge feel like a relaxing getaway, 

It was raining when we got there but shortly after the sun came out and we went to wander around the property and find the beaver who lives in the pond in front of the lodge. We didn't actually find the beaver but it was so nice to be able to let Jessamyn wander free and explore. Honestly our only regret was that we weren't staying more nights and I actually even called my brother while we were there who is an avid fisherman and told him he needed to come stay at the Gallatin River Lodge because its like seriously a dream. 

In the morning there was the most beautiful breakfast. I had pancakes with all sorts of delicious toppings and Ben had eggs and elk sausage which I might have also tasted and it was so delicious! Jessamyn had some pancakes too but was honestly more interested in running around and talking about that beaver we still couldn't find! It was really a beautiful experience and somewhere we will definitely visit again! 

Beside the lodge we also wandered around down town Bozeman and actually before arriving were sent a list of recommendations for things to do and places to eat in Bozeman. We had dinner at Montana Ale Works which was really impressive. The building has a train car attached to it which was pretty awesome for Jessamyn who was all about it. We got burgers there and the meat might be the best I have ever had... I say that about everything but seriously it was so good and Ben says the beer was really good too! 

Bozeman has a really walking friendly downtown and I would definitely recommend it as a place to stop and visit with small children. Jessamyn had so much fun running around, and even saw a herd of deer at the lodge which of course made her day. over all we were super impressed with our visit, and of course the amazing scenic views you can't help but see as you drive through Bozeman. If you want to check the Lodge out you can follow this link HERE or any of the above links! 

I'll be blogging about the rest of our trip over the next few weeks so please check back! Also we definitely plan to go back to Montana so if you have any questions or tips as to things to do please comment below!