First Trimester Essentials

Okay so I am actually well into the second trimester but I wanted to share some of my first trimester essentials with you! I feel like there is a ton of resources and products out there for once you have officially "popped" and are getting ready to actually have your baby but not a lot of tips for getting through those early days where you are sick and bloated, your clothes fit funny but you aren't really showing and maybe haven't even announced your pregnancy yet. SO here are my essentials for those first weeks of pregnancy:


A Good Sports bra - For me one of the first signs of pregnancy is always sore breasts, both times I took pregnancy tests after noticing changed with my breasts and both time I was right! Its basically the worst to try to squeeze into your pre pregnancy bras and honestly nursing bras are expensive and might not be a purchase you are looking to make right after finding out your pregnant SO my go to... Sports bras.  Specifically medium impact ones that you can wear all day without having to worry about anything. My favorite are from Champion and last time I purchased them I got them at Target for like 20 dollars a bra which isn't to bad considering the levels of support they can provide in that awkward first trimester! 

Panty Liners: Okay this is kind of awkward but I'm just going to say it cervical mucus changes in pregnancy and wearing panty liners will save both you and your underwear. I am not going to go into detail but trust me you will thank yourself and your underwear drawer will thank you as well! No link for this one just go to your local grocery store and get some! 

Leggings, sweat pants, comfy clothing: the first trimester is so awkward in that maternity clothes are too big but your normal clothes are just a bit uncomfortable. I found making space for that quite literally through wearing loose fitting clothing really helped with the discomfort from bloating and heartburn. I honestly haven't tried my jeans on since I found out I was pregnant and am not planning on it anytime soon!  

Preggie Pops: I struggled with nausea through the first trimester really bad and these little pops were such a life saver! You can find them at Target or Walgreens or just by them HERE. I've heard they don't work for everyone but for me they really helped with the nausea when nothing else would and I still use them occasionally in my second trimester for road trips or occasions when I feels nauseated. 

Ginger ale: Okay really any and all ginger products... not only is ginger great with nausea but also helps with that uncomfortable bloated feeling. I buy a large case of ginger ale at Costco and drank one almost every night of the first trimester. One thing to note is that it is important that the ginger products you use actually have real ginger in them not flavoring, or anything else like that because it just won't actually work. 

A Journal: This one seems strange but especially if you are waiting to share your pregnancy it can feel really lonely those early weeks and with all the emotions and changes in pregnancy having an outlet like a journal to record your feelings and whats going on can be really helpful and for me is such a great outlet. Honestly that first trimester can be really lonely and scary and is a big adjustment and its important to make space for that and have a way to let all that out and acknowledge those feelings. 

Lastly I just want to say that non of this is medical advice if you are experiencing something in your pregnancy that you think isn't okay it is important to talk to your doctor. These are just things I found that worked for me and I am not guaranteeing they will work for you or may even be useful.

The beauty of pregnancy is that it looks different for everyone and so what works for one person may not work for the other. Its important to remember that and give yourself grace as your body changes and grows a new little life... pregnancy is crazy and yes it is beautiful but oh my goodness it can be completely insane. If you have any first trimester must haves I would love to hear them please please please comment below!!