Second Trimester Recap (A Pregnancy Update)

Wow okay so we are already into the third trimester and I am not believing how fast this pregnancy is going! Looking back at my first pregnancy it felt like such a long time but this time around I've blinked and this baby will be here in roughly 10 weeks. Compared to the first the second trimester was a lot smoother! The pregnancy symptoms I had stayed the same, the headaches more or less went away, and other than the fact I basically don't fit into my bras or clothes its been a pretty good couple of months. 

Oh and I should add I am more blogging this almost as a marking of the time more than suggestions or any sort of pregnancy tips.. I didn't do a good job of documenting anything when I was pregnant with Jessamyn and since this is probably our last pregnancy I want to be able to look back and remember even the small details. 

One of the hardest things for me this pregnancy compared to my first was that I have gained quite a bit more weight this time around. I am already at the point I was at 40 weeks with Jessamyn and that has definitely been messing with my head. I'll probably blog more about that later but basically definitely an area of weakness for me this pregnancy as I learn to adapt to my ever changing body as it grows another little one. On that note my belly band has literally become my best friend... I should probably write a post just dedicated to that because it has made all my clothes that much more comfortable and is such a lifesaver! 

Another aspect of the second trimester that really surprised me was just how incredibly exhausted I am. I am sure that when I was pregnant with Jessamyn I was just as tired but moving twice and chasing after a two year old while pregnant will definitely make you realize your limitations quickly and I feel like I've spent a lot more time resting this go around. 

The worst symptoms so far have been the incredible restless legs that keep me up all night and definitely sore boobs. Between the two I have been very grumpy and hard to live with which both Jessamyn and Ben can attest to.  Which on that same note the crazy emotions are still going strong... I feel like I am on constant rollercoaster of so many feelings and its definitely been a growing experience learning to handle whatever comes up and not be a complete emotional wreck 24/7. 

I've also been nesting like crazy which since we still aren't sure where we will be living after baby gets here has led to a lot of cleaning.. so much cleaning, I should probably start my own business it would be great. 

All that to say though... I am getting so so so excited to meet this little one! Jessamyn has become so affectionate with my belly and even occasionally gives it kisses. We are all so ready to meet her and I can't wait to be a family of four. 

As the second trimester ends and I move into the third I am realizing a couple things, one I probably need to get our baby stuff together, and two I need to pack a hospital bag. So my question for you because I can't remember what I actually needed and didn't.... what was in your hospital bag? Or what do you wish you had packed?