Big Changes and Pursuing Our Dreams

I didn't think I would be writing this post... actually I hoped I would be writing pieces of it someday but could not have imagined within a few months of moving into the bus we would getting ready to make some more huge changes in our lives. I read a quote this week that to paraphrase basically said not to worry about the next adventure because you are already on one and I found that so applicable to where we are right now. I wasn't going to share any of this with you because there are so many unknowns still but was encouraged by a few friends that this is all a part of the process and something people might be interested in because process is life, and its where we are all at. 

SO to start with Ben bought a suit this week! A really expensive nice suit, which might not sound like a big deal to some people but is huge for us because we are taking that suit to Seattle in a few weeks where we will spend the next month living and exploring while Ben works towards transferring from his current job in Denver to Seattle! Ben has been talking about wanting to move to Seattle since probably our first date roughly 5 years ago so this is huge... like life goals huge for us. 

We had a trip up the west coast planned for the bus at the end of May but Ben has to be in Seattle May 5 so we are changing things up! Instead of taking the bus (because neither of us want to try to park and move the bus in a new city daily while dealing with the stress of job stuff) we are driving straight to Seattle in our car and then moving his vacation time up so that we can leisurely wander down the west coast and back to Colorado after he is done with everything in Seattle. I am actually super excited that it all came together this way because seriously things don't usually work out like that. 

We were initially going to store the bus in Denver until we got back from our trip but realized that if we do that when we get back we will have roughly 8 weeks until the baby comes and then maybe another 4 weeks until we have to pack everything up and move to Seattle with a new baby if he is able to transfer. With all of that in mind and the knowledge that we were planning on taking a month in an air bnb after the baby was born to adjust to being a family of four anyway we have decided to move into an apartment short term after the Seattle trip until the baby is born and we know for sure if were are staying in Denver or not. (ps. its a studio apartment about 200 square feet bigger than the bus but seriously feels like a mansion)

On that same note we have also decided as crazy as it sounds that the bus is too big for what we are wanting to do. It worked great for living in State and National parks but moving it every 3 days and boondocking was not as easy to do in something so large.You really can't go off-roading or even driving down unpaved national forest roads in a bus. We have decided we want to go smaller to maybe a sprinter van or something similar but don't want to try to do all of that in the few months we have until the baby is born and while we are waiting to hear about Seattle. We love the bus but don't think it will be realistic to live in it in Seattle or to continue to try and travel the way we want in it. 

I know that leaves a lot of questions unanswered.... I did not say this post would have many answers its more about where we are at in the process of pursuing our dreams and being on this adventure. We are currently packing things up and getting ready to head to Seattle for the end of April and most of May. We have an apartment lined up through September so that we are at least covered until this baby makes an appearance. We should hear back about Seattle about that time too. If we are going to Seattle obviously we will head out there and then decide if we are going to go smaller and nomadic as we want to make the right choice for where we will be living and the job we will have out there. If we don't get the job we will be making that decision here in Denver. What we won't be doing is rushing into anything just because we feel like we have to or because we are moving out of the bus. 

The reality is at the end of all of this we have to make the best decisions for our family not what we think will be the most interesting or what social media wants to see... every journey has its twists and turns and this is just one of ours. 

So on that note as much as it breaks my heart to say this we are selling our current bus. We thought about storing it but know at the end of this we want to go smaller so it doesn't make sense to store it and then try to sell it with a brand new baby and while potentially moving cross country. If your interested in the bus shoot me an email and I can give you the details. This also doesn't mean we are done traveling or wandering, if anything we have more trips and more beautiful adventures coming up this summer than we have ever had before! I am so excited for our west coast trip and the other things we have coming up and I hope you will stick around to see where we end up in September. I am honestly not sure what is going to happen (secretly hoping we will end up in a sprinter) but we are living our lives and moving towards big goals and thats really all you can do in life. This isn't where I thought we would be but I wouldn't trade the past year of work on the bus, these few months we have lived in it, and the craziness that is suit shopping and dreaming of a cross country move for anything!