Bus Tour: The Kitchen and Living Area! (A Tour of Our Skoolie Conversion)

This is the final bit of the bus tour! If you are only just joining in you can see part one HERE party two HERE and our bus youtube tour HERE. This is probably the most used part of the bus, we put a lot of effort into planning this area out and I absolutely love how it came together. 

Our kitchen is simple but incredibly practical and everything we wanted to bring plus one to two weeks of food fits. We partnered with IKEA for this build and so a lot of our storage solutions came from them. I have always wanted a farm house sink and so naturally why shouldn't the bus include one? I found this one HERE at IKEA and so far it has been perfect, great for holding all our dishes as well as my succulents when the bus is moving. 

Our countertop and cabinets are also from IKEA you can find them HERE and HERE. We have one cabinet that holds the sink and under that lives all our cleaning supplies and a toaster oven. The other cabinet is where all our pots and pans, dishes, cups, etc. live. Since we are on the move we thought it would be better to not have a bunch of breakable dishes and so we have primarily switched to stainless steel dishes, cast iron cookware, we don't use plastic but have moved as far away from glass and ceramic as we can to prevent potential breaking while we are on the move. 

We also have a propane oven that we initially had a few glitches with, the carbon monoxide detector went off once but we haven't had any issues since and I have even baked banana bread in there and it worked great! 

A lot of times in bus conversions I have noticed that people build their own couch, I have honestly  always felt that looked less like a home and more like an RV so when we found these couches at IKEA I was completely in love. They open and have storage underneath, we built a platform to cover the wheel well and they are just perfect! The covers actually remove so we can wash them which is amazing with dogs and kids and I really love the level of comfort and coziness they bring to the bus. You can find them HERE. 

We also have a small wood burning stove in the front of the bus. We put it here primarily for ventilation but also because it just made sense as far as our layout. Its a Cubic Mini and it heats the space so well. We do constantly have to add wood to it because it is so small but when it is going the whole bus is warm and cozy. There are special compressed logs you can buy at tractor supply stores and those have been such a life saver and allowed us to keep the fire going longer with less effort on our part. SO far Jessamyn has left it alone but we do watch her closely as the outside gets pretty hot. 

The living area is pretty simple but we love it. Not pictured is a small pantry with storage bins holding all our food and spices. We also have a refrigerator that we absolutely love. It is a two way fridge and holds everything we could possible need for a week or two on the road. AND when it isn't plugged in it actually keeps our food cold/frozen for a whole so we don't have to worry on traveling days. 

We don't have a hot water heater right now (but do have running water) so when we do dishes we just boil water on the stove and fill the sink. it is kind go a basic set up but works for our needs until we can get hot water set up. 

So thats the bus! If you have any questions please leave them down below. We have several Q & A sessions coming to YOUtube so be sure to subscribe. If there is a product pictured that we didn't mention and you want to know where it came please ask! Also again this post was sponsored by IKEA but all thoughts were my own and we absolutely love everything we included from them in the bus.