Bus Tour: The Bedroom! (Our Skoolie Conversion Reveal)

Wow it has been a crazy long time since I have posted and for that I am truly sorry. We finished the bus though!!! AND not only that but this is part one of a three part reveal of the bus. Rather than try to fit everything in at once I figured it would be way more fun to share each section of the bus with you and some of my favorite features! 

Oh and If you want a quick overview Credit Sesame wrote an article HERE and our Youtube full reveal video can be found HERE

First and rather importantly because seriously who doesn't love a good nights sleep we have the bedroom. We didn't do anything fancy, just a queen size bed in the back of the bus. There is storage underneath the bed with basic lift up wooden planks that are honestly a pain to move now that the mattress is down but it is a great storage spot for items we want with us but may not use all the time. 

We left all the windows in the bus and at the moment don't have curtains but I love the natural light and just brightness it brings to our bedroom. The emergency door in the back is fully functional and I completely plan on utilizing it all summer long! Even now while typing this up I have it open and have to say if we ever have a real house again I am totally installing a balcony because this view and breeze is so calming. Not pictured is cedar paneling along the back wall and our two light fixtures from Lights.com and a couple outlets as well! 

Our mattress is a queen size mattress from Tuft & Needle and is basically awesome. it came in a giant box that Jessamyn is actually sitting in above and was super convenient to put in the bus. SO far I have found it to be firm but very comfortable and we desperately needed a new mattress so no complaints here at all. Tuft & Needle foam is designed to help keep you cool while at the same time providing support and so far with all three of us sleeping in here we have all had a good night sleep which is amazing and has literally never happened! 

Oh and our bedding is just something I found on AMAZON I desperately wanted a duvet and flannel sheets and am really happy with how comfortable and warm we have been at night. 

Eventually we are going to create a book shelf over the back door but for now it has become the home for my hats and I think I may add a few more because I really like the way it looks! We kept the bedroom simple but cozy and I really love it and probably sleep better in the bus than I have anywhere else in my life. If you have any specific questions about this part of the bus please leave them in the comments below and check in later this week for the next bus tour reveal!