First Trimester Recap (A Pregnancy Update)

The first trimester is officially over and I could not be more excited! Okay I know that is horrible but seriously the bloating was killer and I am finally starting to feel like myself again minus my expanding waist line, ever intense emotions, and constant exhaustion. I wanted to recap each trimester as they pass, I did a horrible job documenting Jessamyn's pregnancy and so I am determined to hold onto this one a little bit better. So.... 

First Trimester: 

SYMPTOMS - Okay so probably TMI but my breasts are always the first indicator of pregnancy, I don't know what it is but basically I become the definition of sore breasts from like day one. In fact thats how I've known both times I should probably take a pregnancy test. Oh and on that note anyone have any recommendations for good nursing bras? 

Also emotions, Ben has always said he can tell when my period is coming because of how off the wall emotional I get for no reason and this is ten times true with pregnancy and unfortunately hasn't gone away. Basically I am a walking time bomb of tears, laughter, anger, and just a lot of feelings. So much so that the other day when I went out for a run and saw a squirrel that had been hit by a car I basically lost it and started crying... I'm telling you the emotions are intense!!!! What adds to this is Jessamyn being two is also in an intense emotional place and so basically there have been a lot of tears from both of us this trimester. 

Compared to my last pregnancy I actually feel like my nausea has been less but my bloating has been more... which honestly I am not sure which is better. I haven't started wearing maternity clothing yet but can definitely feel an uncomfortable tightness in my pants and for sure need to just give in and buy a maternity/nursing clothes... but I guess stubbornly I want to wait it out and enjoy fitting in my clothes as long as possible so we will see when I actually give in and make the switch. 

Cravings and aversions have been almost the same as my last pregnancy. I suddenly hate sweets... all sweets especially chocolate chip cookies... something about them and cupcakes just make me sick to my stomach I don't even like thinking about them. I have though been seriously obsessed with all things avocado and vinegar. I could eat salt and vinegar chips all day long and my diet might basically consist of that and avocado toast. Oh and ice chips I don't know what it is about pregnancy but I love eating ice... like crave it and haven't made Ben go on a Sonic ice run yet... but trust me its coming. (and he absolutely hates going and acts like its basically torture so I am trying to save it up for a rainy day) 

I feel like so far this pregnancy has gone by so much faster than my first. It might be that we have been so busy moving into the bus and just with all these major life changes but I also think I am just less stressed this time. With my first pregnancy I took a pregnancy test everyday for like a week and with this one I just took one and called it a day. I haven't felt the same sense of urgency to have everything perfect, haven't been shopping for baby clothes, and have really just been less focused on being pregnant that I was last time. 

Part of that might be because Jessamyn is two and requires a lot of attention right now, and that I am constantly so exhausted its all I can do not to take 20 naps throughout the day but really everything has been much less dramatic this pregnancy and I am kind of enjoying it. Also Jessamyn has officially started to lift her shirt and show me the baby in her belly which is basically the most adorable thing ever. 

So I do have a few questions for you going into my second birth. First of all what baby essentials did you find worth having with your second that you didn't have with your first? Also how did you prepare your first baby for the arrival of your second? That is something that really stresses me out as I am 99% sure Jessamyn has no idea what is coming and I don't want her to feel blindsided.