Mama & Tiny Style (C'est Ça New York)

I've pretty much decided I am obsessed with mama & tiny style vs. just tiny style... way more fun and especially when it involves matching skirts! I swore I would never be one of those moms who matched with her child... but I was wrong and think that matching tulle skirts are the obvious exception and so totally worth it! 

C’est Ça New York is a brand that prides itself in create fashion that is feminine, classy, and Elegant. The literal translation of C'est Ça from French to English is "This is it!" SO yes basically you should check them out!  They specialize in lace and tulle product that are made to last a lifetime... and we totally put that to the test on this evening hike! 

Can I just take a moment to say that this is what taking a photo with a two year old really looks like and anyone who thinks otherwise has never tried wearing tulle in the woods while wrangling a small toddler also dressed in tulle. Needless to say these skirts are durable and held up to all her crazy shenanigans! 

There is a perception that little girls should wear pink and honestly I have tried to stray from that and dress Jessamyn pretty neutrally.. this skirt though is everything and seriously I can't get over how cute she looks swishing around in it. it comes in a bout a million colors but this neutral pink was too lovely to pass up!  I know she may hate me for these photos someday but there is something so lovely about matching and these skirts really held up to my expectations. If you have struggled with the idea of matching your toddler, or if you absolutely love it this brand is for you! Seriously I will probably wear this skirt long after hers no longer fits her... which is a day I don't want to be thinking about quite yet! 

So basically this was one of the most fun exploration/photo shoot moments we have ever been on and I am so so so in love with these skirts! Ps. C’est Ça New York totally does custom orders and I think offer a discount if you sign up for their email list so definitely worth checking out! 

As always if you have any questions or a brand we should check out please comment below!