Breckenridge Colorado in One Weekend


If I was honest we have have not been getting out nearly as much as we should.... we have been worrying, stressing about the bus, the house, basically just being impatient and wanting things to move faster than they can at the moment. I feel like even in the middle of craziness and stress it is important to just get away and enjoy even just an afternoon together. We always find it so centering and it really is just good self care and good for us as a family. 

These photos aren't from this weekend but a little while ago when we spent the afternoon in Breckenridge. It was a really lovely afternoon out and since we haven't wandered in a while and this was a really beautiful day I felt like I should share it! 

The first thing we inevitably do in any city or town we visit is eat/find coffee. I am not sure why that is the case but have just accepted it as life. We wandered around for a little while because it was surprisingly tricky to find a restaurant that was baby friendly but stumbled into this lovely little cafe that basically had the most amazing sweet potato fries! 

Plus they had brats made from wild boar which I totally didn't know was a thing but am now convinced are pretty amazing. 

It was so good I pretty much didn't even think about taking a picture until we were done... oops. Realistically I know that eating out is expensive and not something we can do every day but there really is something so relaxing about sitting down together in a new city and eating a meal. I also think its great socialization for Jessamyn because people always end up coming over to say hi or talk with her. 

Jessamyn's Moccasins - HERE

The rest of the day was basically spent running around, talking to dogs, and drinking coffee. We aren't huge spenders when we go out and especially with a tiny we mostly just window shop... and like I said drink coffee. I feel like everyone has something they spend money on with trips and for us it is coffee always.  Here are a few good places in Breckenridge.... 


My Dress - HERE 

Overall this was a really wonderful day out, we didn't necessarily do anything crazy but just wandering around, eating good food, and enjoying all the dogs (or at least Jessamyn was) in Breckenridge, was enough and I hope that once the bus is done we will have so many more lovely days like this.