All Things Lavender! (essential oils)

So excited to have Courtney of Oils Give Back today on the blog! I am not an essential oil expert by any means but do use them in my day to day life! This is going to be one of a small series on essential oils and I am so honored that Courtney agreed to kick this off with a little post about lavender! - Kayla 

With the recent explosion of essential oils a lot people think they’re a new trend, but in reality they’ve been around for centuries. Young Living essential oils are therapeutic grade which gives them the ability to work with your body. Within 20 minutes of applying oils, they can be found in every cell. These pure oils are distilled from the "life blood" of plants and contain the plant's own immunity, hormones, and scents. When you pick a rose and break off the stem, you’ll always notice there is a bit of a watery substance. This is the source that the pure essential oils come from and it’s been intelligently created to benefit our whole body. Beyond this, essential oils also offer the perfect solution for us to transform our homes into chemical free environments.


Lavender is one of the most versatile oils that exists. Many refer to it as the “swiss army knife” of essential oils and it’s probably best known for promoting rest and relaxation. While it’s definitely one of my favorite oils to help me unwind in the evenings, there are so many more ways to use it. 

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Since we’re now in the middle of summer, let’s talk about some uses for lavender this season. It’s a must-have to soothe our sun-kissed skin! There are a couple of easy ways to use it after long days spent in the sun.


  • Add a drop or two to a carrier oil such as coconut and use it as a body lotion. It will help not only support the skin, but also promote relaxation. 
  • You can make a soothing spray by adding 10 drops of lavender to a 2 oz spray bottle and fill the rest with a water and a little bit of witch hazel if you have it. You can also include a few drops of peppermint oil to add a cooling sensation. 


Lavender is also a great oil to use with your kids because it’s safe, gentle, and effective. I always recommend that you dilute oils before using them on your children and suggest getting a copy of Gentle Babies so you can reference how to use oils safely with your kids. 


I’m a huge fan of my lavender linen spray and this is the perfect way to incorporate lavender into your children’s night time routine. You can use the same recipe as above for the spray, but include optional oils such as Chamomile or Peace and Calming to help your littles unwind. Simply shake and spray on their blankets, sheets, or pillow. 


A few additional ways to use lavender on your kids is: 

  • Put a drop into a carrier oil and give a gentle foot rub before bed. The feet are a non-sensitive area and should be your go-to place for applying oils to babies. 
  • Place a drop on your neck or chest while you’re holding or rocking your little one. This is a great way for them to experience the aromatic benefits that lavender provides. 
  • Because it supports the skin and irritation, you can also use it on the inevitable bumps and bruises that childhood brings


Lavender truly is a must-have for everyone, especially moms or those with a full plate! Here are a few ways to incorporate lavender into your everyday life: 


  • Add a drop into coconut oil or your moisturizer at night to support the skin
  • Put a drop behind your ears and on your chest during the day to promote mental clarity
  • Incorporate into your yoga practice by placing a drop in your hands or on your chest as you find your breath 
  • Experiment with it in the kitchen. A few of my favorites include lavender chocolate chip cookies, lavender lemonade, and an iced lavender latte!
  • Add a couple drops into a carrier oil (coconut, olive, grapeseed, etc) and give yourself a mini neck and shoulder massage during long, stressful days
  • Include it in an array of simple DIY recipes including bath salts, hair masks, shaving cream, body lotion, and so much more!


Here’s my simple DIY Lavender Bath Salt recipe. It only takes a couple minutes to prepare and gives you a true spa-like experience. 



½ cup epsom salt

5-7 drops lavender essential oil

2 tsp of dried lavender


Add to a glass jar, shake until the ingredients are well mixed, pour into bath, and ENJOY! 


*Your DIYs should always be stored in glass containers. Due to the powerful nature of essential oils, they will corrode plastic. 



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Ps. Feel free to comment below if you have your own lavender tips or questions about using lavender essential oil! Out just questions or thoughts about essential oils in general! There is also a giveaway going on to win a bottle of lavender up on my Instagram!  - Kayla