Friday Harbor

Since this was our fourth trip to Seattle we decided to be adventurous and explore somewhere new. We ended up in Friday Harbor and had such a magical time. Jessamyn had such a fun time on the ferry and honestly if I could travel by ferry every time we went out I would do it because the views and just the ease of travel with a tiny was so lovely and so much more enjoyable than flying. 

Friday Harbor had such a quiet feel to it and we really just wandered around and drank a lot of coffee. The slower pace and quietness of being out on an island was so relaxing after spending three days running around Seattle and I felt like Jessamyn and really all of us got a bit of a rest and recharge. 

It was so fun to see Jessamyn and Ben bond like they did on this trip. The whole vacation she wanted to be near him and would ask for him specifically. 

This was also Jessamyn's first time near the ocean and getting to experience that with her was so  beautiful. There is something so amazing about the ocean it creates so much peace and grounding for me and leaves me feeling so small and yet so part of something. Jessamyn didn't really seem that impressed by the water but had the best time just running around and pointing out every "dog dog" in sight.  

We tried to go whale watching because The San Juan Islands are suppose to be one of the greatest places to see Orca's but we didn't actually see any. We did find some great scenery and amazing views though! 

We also stopped at a lavender farm and oh my goodness I could have stayed there forever. They have a huge festival in July and I am scheming as to how to get back for that! There was lavender lemonade, chocolate, shampoo, I mean you name it and they had a lavender version of it! I was in lavender heaven and think anyone who has a chance to go to a lavender farm probably should because it was so so lovely. 

I keep coming back to this photo... it is funny how life can get so busy we almost forget to see the connections and appreciate each other. This trip was many things but most importantly it was such a time of connection and growth for us as a family. I feel like the thing I will most take from this trip is the importance of pausing and taking moments together in day to day life. It doesn't have to be as big as a trip across the country but maybe in small ways we will remember these moments and find that level of connection and beauty that really came out on this trip. 

  I would love to hear how you connect in your day-to-day life? Or maybe what lessons or experiences you carry with you from vacations or family trips?