A Christmas Gift Guide (For Everyone!)

So you should know I kind of obsess about finding the perfect Christmas gift every year... I like to give gifts that are unique and come from someplace awesome, ie. not just a department store. So I thought I would put together a little gift guide, some of these things I actually bought this Christmas as gifts, some are things I have and just think would make good gifts, but all our lovely. Oh and this guide is in no particular order meaning each gift could be for anyone! 

VAI-KØ - Finnish word asking or an alternative. VAI-KØ is a outdoor and lifestyle brand that creates merino wool beanies in Finland. Their beanies are designed to be highly functional and are basically just wonderful. They have styles for men, women, and children and basically they are some of the best headwear I have ever seen! They also have a 5% rule meaning they give 5% of sales to a charity to help better the world. Ps. These would make amazing stocking stuffers. 

Whimsy & Spice - Okay I had no choice but to include this brand because every year around Christmas time I place an order. Whimsy & Spice is a Brooklyn based bakery that creates the most delicious treats I have ever had. I am completely obsessed with their earl grey hot chocolate mix, homemade marshmallows, and don't even get me started on the s'mores kits.... home made graham crackers need I say more? Basically I have used their items to fill stockings, as gifts for friends and family, and usually I just add something on for myself when ordering because I can't help it everything is so good! 

The Oysters Pearl - This is probably more of a gift for me than anyone else but I had to include because I love the mama bear and baby bear shirts. The Oysters Pearl has so much more than this but these items are my very favorite. The shirts are super soft and they even have a papa bear shirt which we don't have but I think this would make the sweetest gift set for a new mama or even a whole family! They also have wall art and other shirts so basically a great place to look for a gift for just about anyone! 

Maileg - Okay so I had to include this because this is what we got Jessamyn for Christmas! Maileg is a brand designed to capture the whimsical heart of children and they definitely do that! We got Jessamyn a little mouse inside a match box bed and it might be the cutest thing I have ever seen. They have so many different dolls and cute toys really there is something for everyone and I will definitely be looking here again for Jessamyn's birthday or next Christmas too! 

Postmark Studios - I feel like the silhouette portraits are really in right now and Postmark Studios does not disappoint. You send in a photo and they turn it into a beautiful digital print that you can print out in various formats and they even have Christmas ornaments! Every year I end up creating a personalized calendar for my mother and grandmother of Jessamyn and I feel like this will make a unique and timeless alternative to that! I am loving the basic silhouette and will definitely be using this gift idea again! 

Rustico - Okay this brand has become my go to gift finder for my husband. They have leather bags, journals, copper water bottles, and so much more. Basically if you are looking for a unique, well made gift Rustico is the place to go. We have the copper water bottle and a leather journal and I cannot stress enough how well they are made and how perfect these would be as a gift for husbands, fathers, grandfathers, etc. the quality alone is just outstanding. 

Soft Star Shoes - This is another gift that could work for anyone! They have shoes for kids, men, women, and all so well made! Not only that but the brand has been around since 1985 and specializes in minimal shoes out of their shop in Oregon. I really love that you can see how the shoes are made and they are so comfortable, I wear mine everywhere! They also have slippers which I feel like Christmas is serious slipper season so definitely a good gift idea! 

Lilly Post - I had to include this because it is such a unique kids gift and kind of a gift for parents as well! Lilly Post is a book subscription service that has different choices depending on age level and is really just a fun monthly package for kids. Jessamyn has loved getting her box every month and this could be a great last minute gift or gift that will keep on giving into the new year! 


SO thats my gift guide! Nothing terribly complex but just a few lovely shops for your holiday season. I am actually almost all done with my shopping and looking forward to spending the rest of the month browsing Christmas tree lots and drinking hot cider!